TELUS the present is hostile

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

A "friendly" experience with an anonymous CSR

When I phoned the customer service rep (CSR) at Telus, she had an annoying tendency to talk with a funny intonation and she rudely made me listen to her spout options that I did not want for at least 10 minutes. I swear the CSR was even playing games with me when she repeated my phone number wrongly -- by changing only the very last digit to a number that didn't even sound close to zero. She even provided me with deja-vu when, after getting my phone number right, she proceeded to tell me that the number did not exist. Afterwards, I even think I heard chuckling in the background when that cold automated CSR led me down the wrong path and refused to give me any options to go back. I felt like Grimm's Hansel. Where were the breadcrumbs?

I had to hang up.

...and hang up...

...and hang up...

before, finally, I got the idea to dial zero. The CSR facetiously warned me that it was quicker if I follow the options it gave me before, but I courageously ignored it. And, after a ridiculous amount of time, I finally reached a human being.

I guess I could have been really angry at this point. I guess I could have switched companies after experiencing this dehumanizing moment in my life. However, realizing that it wasn't exactly boot camp, I comforted myself that I was all the more wiser, knowing that the next time -- I only had to push "zero" twice.

To be continued...

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

An Omen from the Beginning

It all started when we returned home from being out of the country for a couple of years. Our friend, who had stayed at our home while we were gone, had set up his local phone service with Sprint Canada. He had told us that he was fed up with the "Telus treatment". At the time, we didn't exactly know what he was talking about. I had heard stories about people being upset at Telus before. However, before moving out of the country, I had not experienced any problems with the former monopoly.

"Fine." I said to our friend, "We'll just continue with Sprint, I guess. It will be easier that way."

Boy did those words come back to haunt me.

Before returning back to Canada I tried to set up a DSL account with Telus. Where we were staying, the ADSL service was considerably faster than the hi-speed cable service -- being a multimedia designer and internet junkie, this was very important to me. I naturally wanted the same in Canada. I tried setting up an account through the internet because, at the time, Telus was offering a discount through their website. I entered our Sprint phone number in Vancouver and low-and-behold -- we experienced our first "friendly" encounter with Telus. No, the web page didn't say, "You are a Sprint customer -- piss off!" Not, per se. It simply told us that this phone number, which our friend was using for 2 years, did not exist.

Not missing a beat, I resigned myself to the fact that I would probably not be able to register through the internet and, consequently, I would not be able obtain that "special" status of being a Telus customer with a discount tagged on my bill. Oh, well. It didn't matter. The speed advantage would more than make up for it , right? What I didn't consider at the time was the "customer service" factor.

To be continued....

Monday, June 13, 2005

TELUS - the present is hostile

This is the first posting in a series of many "friendly" experiences I had with the Telus corporation in Canada. I am creating this blog for all of the many thousands of Telus customers who do not receive proper Telus customer care from a company who has the audacity to say "the future is friendly".

In fact, the telecommunications industry in Canada is a mess, to say the least. Even the corporate management at Telus agrees. However, what they don't tell you is that a large part of the problem is with Telus itself.

So, in the coming days and weeks, I will make multiple posts of my experience with Telus from early April, 2005 to early June, 2005 and show you how blatantly disrespectful the Telus company is to it's customers. After reading my story, I guarantee that you, yourself, will not want to venture down this Telus "road to hell". You will know why I now advise you to stay away from Telus at all costs!!! And yes, you do have a choice to do so. I am now a customer with another local phone provider and DSL provider in British Columbia.

Email or Comment about your Experiences with Telus

I also encourage other Telus customers who have experienced what I have witnessed to share any anecdotes you may have with the "loyalty and retention department" or any other Monty Pythonesque craziness. Any tips or advice would also be appreciated. Please -- "telus". I will post them.

The internet now gives us the chance to make these big corporations, like Telus, accountable. This blog will follow in that spirit.